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Path to the Cloud: Know Your Deployment Options

Path to the Cloud: Know Your Deployment Options
While waiting to catch a train from the London Euston station recently, I noticed by the departure boards a huge BMW advertisement stating that they now have seven models in their plug-in hybrid range. The BMW hybrids use a small electric engine working in tandem with a gas engine. The advantage of hybrids over conventional cars is that the same level of performance is delivered with lower running costs and reduced emissions—while offering the same excellent range and convenience as those models with just a traditional internal combustion engine.

Teradata Deployment Options

The illustration of BMW offering a variety of hybrid plug-in models alongside traditional ones is similar, in some ways, to the variety of deployment options that Teradata offers: catering to organizations no matter where they are on their path to the cloud.
  1. On-Premises: Leverages modern, purpose-built Teradata appliances that have proven their value time and again from when our first system was shipped to Wells Fargo Bank in 1983.
  2. Teradata IntelliCloud: IntelliCloud, our as-a-service option for analytics at scale, is the newest generation of our secure managed cloud offering. We set up and manage the software and infrastructure so that you can focus on business outcomes.
  3. Public Cloud: Do-it-yourself by provisioning your own custom configuration in Azure Marketplace and AWS Marketplace by running analytic ecosystems using Teradata software.
  4. Private Cloud: Deploy quickly and easily using your own VMware virtualized infrastructure.
In addition, with Teradata’s shift from perpetual to subscription-based licensing, the software becomes portable. This means that customers can now take their subscription-based Teradata Database license from an on-premises environment and redeploy it on other platforms—at any time—as their cloud journey takes shape.
We’ve found that this flexible and portable subscription model really resonates with companies. Considering that the journey to the cloud can often be a multi-year program for a large enterprise, the ability to easily migrate from one deployment platform to another is much easier when the underlying code base is identical. Customers can have confidence that any shift in platform will be seamless with Teradata software.
Public cloud also offers convenient new options for temporarily expanding capacity. Teradata uses a technique called ‘scaling out’, which increases the performance of the system by adding more CPU and memory—and increases the storage bandwidth by decreasing the data volumes managed per node—without requiring data redistribution. Once the peak processing requirement has passed, the system can be scaled back into its original configuration so that costs are kept under control. 
This technique is not new to Teradata, as we have been shipping systems with reserved capacity for many years where performance can be temporarily boosted. For example, one Teradata customer—a global consumer packaged goods company—boosted system performance on their Teradata system for eight days around month-end for a finance project, which enabled them to close the books more quickly.
As your journey to the cloud evolves, know that Teradata continues to offer the best fit to match your analytical requirements no matter where you are on the path to the cloud. And, as always, we will give you the best total cost of outcome of any vendor and help you get the most out of your investment in order to ensure superior value and satisfaction.
To learn more about Teradata deployment options, I encourage you to follow the conversation at #CloudExperts or #BuiltForTheCloud, or reach out to your Teradata account executive.
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Ian Pemberton

Ian Pemberton has worked at Teradata for the last 12 years as a Solution Architect.  His experiences span a multitude of customers consisting of major blue-chip organizations covering various industries including Retail, Utilities, Travel and Transportation and Financial Services where he usually gains ‘trusted advisor’ status with the customer he works with. More recently, Ian has been advising Teradata customers on their Cloud journey.
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