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Teradata Supports China’s Fight Against COVID-19

Teradata Supports China’s Fight Against COVID-19
After the 2020 Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), many people returned to work, part of the country’s annual travel rush. In order to prevent confirmed cases of COVID-19 from increasing, the government of China issued strong control policies and measures. Countless community-level officials, police officers, and community volunteers continued working, guarding everyone's safety.
China has a population of 1.4 billion people and approximately 450 million trips took place during this holiday. It became important to track the trip information of passengers who newly traveled in or out of areas affected by the epidemic in order to reduce potential infection opportunities. It was also essential to provide people with a channel in which to track their potential for exposure to at-risk individuals. Not only could they pursue the 14-day isolation period if needed, but also notify their communities or companies that they completed it, helping both make more informed decisions around production and resourcing. The amount of data involved was huge, and the task very difficult.

Behind the all-out battle against the pandemic? The power of data analytics.

At the beginning of February 2020, China’s domestic operators launched a public service, “Roaming Inquiry within 14 Days”, via SMS and WeChat. This allowed users to track their movement history in relation to at-risk people or areas during the holiday travel period. Once launched, the communication app was adopted by many residential communities, office buildings, and business districts, becoming an important means for checking on the risks of infection. It has also become an important credential for entering and exiting communities, public places, and transportation.
China launches covid-19 roaming inquiry on WeChatHowever, behind this critical service was the hard work of Teradata experts. As a leader in cloud analytics, Teradata truly transforms how businesses work and people live through the power of data.
Thanks to the high-speed processing capabilities of their analytics platform, a customized data model, and their expert data analytics team, they helped operators launch "Roaming Inquiry within 14 Days" while providing invaluable, ongoing support to government agencies.

In addition to the public roaming history inquiry service, Teradata also helped provincial operators isolate key regions and times. They conducted travel flow analyses of people traveling from Hubei province and Wuhan to provinces and cities across the country to provide support analysis of the same group of diagnosed users. They also supported the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to assist the national and provincial governments in joint prevention and control.
At the beginning of the epidemic, Teradata cooperated with one provincial operator, the National Health Commission, disease control centers and township units in the delivery of text messages to inform returning travelers about the most up-to-date prevention measures. In addition, a series of label developments were carried out around epidemic prevention and control. In February, Teradata helped one provincial operator blast 240 million text messages (including users inside and outside the province), achieving comprehensive publicity to maximize public safety.
text messages to inform returning travelers of pandemic updates
In order to further promote the resumption of operations, Teradata empowered operators in certain provinces in helping enterprises safely return to work. In a very short period of time, they aided in the development of a back-office program for epidemic control screening software products with an accuracy rate of over 99%. This was quickly promoted and executed in various cities.
Epidemic control screening softwareHow can you apply for a job during the epidemic? Can companies recruit normally? In response to job search needs, Teradata assisted operators in developing multiple secure job search and recruitment models to identify job seekers' intentions, their travel history during Spring Festival and reported health status. This greatly reduced the health risks potentially associated with job applicants and boosted productivity potential during the epidemic.
Prevention and control are everyone’s responsibility in situations like this. During the anti-epidemic battle in China, Teradata relies—and continues to rely—on its strong technology and unshakable conviction to offer China (both the government and its people) the best possible solutions under any conditions to optimize the public’s safety while preventing spread.
After receiving the first epidemic analytics request, Teradata immediately organized a 24/7 analytics support team to provide emergency analytics services. It comprehensively supported scientific decision-making and accurate measures for epidemic prevention and control, and unleashed its expertise in data analytics. Teradata continues on the road to fight the epidemic, racing against time, day and night.
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