Maximize Data Value with a New Approach to Business Analytics

Teradata Business Analytics
The New Standard for Data Analytics

Businesses run on trusted answers, and business analytics is an integral part of this process. But choosing and implementing the right analytic platform can be challenging. There’s an abundance of analytic tools to choose from, different users who want solutions for specific needs, and numerous analytic functions and techniques, each with its own user constituency.

How can businesses benefit from the flexibility and agility of open-source technology and at the same time ensure the structure and governance of analytic projects deliver impactful business intelligence?

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Simplified, Unified Access

Data and analytics are integrated to reduce data movement across systems, and to provide the most comprehensive insights based on 100 percent of the company’s data.

Cutting-edge Technology

Open-source and commercial analytic technologies are integrated within a massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture to run at speed and scale

Preferred Analytic Tools

Most commonly used business analyst and data science analytic workbenches, programming languages, and user interfaces are available to enhance the user experience

Enterprise-wide Planning, Strategy

Real-time, holistic view of data enables business decision makers to plan, test marketing strategies, measure deviance, optimize comparisons, and ensure customer experience across channels

Operationalize Business Analytics

Quickly and seamlessly deploy advanced analytic models into production in the proven Teradata Vantage with reliability, security, availability, governance, and manageability—second to none

Machine learning engine

Machine Learning Engine

Delivers more than 100 prebuilt analytic functions for path, pattern, statistical, and text analytics to solve a range of business problems. Functions range from understanding sentiment to predictive part failure analysis.
Graph engine analytics

Graph Engine, Analytics

Provides a set of functions that discover relationships between people, products, and processes within a network. Graph analytics solve complex problems such as social network connections, influencer relationships, fraud detection, and threat identification.
Modern, Integrated Analytics Environment For users, Vantage is a unified analytic and data framework with a cross-engine orchestration layer that pipelines the right data and analytic request to the right analytic engine across a high-speed data fabric. This allows, for example, a business analyst or data scientist to invoke analytic functions from different engines in a single application, such as Jupyter Notebook, without hopping from one analytic server or application to another.

The Benefit of Containers

Vantage embeds analytic engines close to the data, eliminating the need to move data. This allows users to run analytics against larger data sets without sampling and execute models with greater speed and frequency. Containers managed by Kubernetes, which allow businesses to easily manage and deploy new cutting-edge analytic engines and enable engine scalability, make this possible.
Preferred Tools and Languages

Business analysts and data scientists use Vantage to get answers across any infrastructure, using their preferred tools and languages. To ensure the best user experience, Vantage provides integrations to most preferred languages and tools. Languages include SQL, R, and Python. Workbenches and tools include Teradata Studio, Teradata AppCenter, Jupyter, and RStudio.

De-Risk Buying Decisions The versatility of Vantage de-risks the analytic platform buying decision by incorporating analysts’ choice of analytic functions and engines, and by using their preferred analytic tools and languages across data types. This allows the best scalability, elasticity, and performance to drive superior business intelligence.

Teradata Analytic Functions Overview

Watch a quick overview of the new advanced analytic functions available natively in Teradata Vantage. 

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Become 'Future Ready' Vantage provides the same analytic processing across deployment options, including the Teradata Cloud and public cloud, as well as on-premises installations on Teradata hardware or commodity hardware. It is also available as-a-service.

Flexible Pricing, Licensing, Deployment

Teradata flexible subscription pricing options and software license portability allow businesses to move analytic workloads as deployment strategy changes. The flexible pricing and deployment de-risks major decisions so businesses can move forward knowing investments are protected.

A new world of data demands a new approach. Teradata has it.

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