Achieve Industry 4.0 Using Advanced Manufacturing Analytics at Scale

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Big Issues We Solve

Increase revenue, boost yields and maximize assets in the face of growing competition

Unprecedented changes in manufacturing are taking place. Data and analytics are driving the fourth industrial revolution in real-time, dramatically altering industrial processes. Manufacturing analytics are setting a precendent. Manufacturers are increasingly dealing with intense downward pressure on margins, the changing nature of demand, and a radically shifting competitive landscape.
Insight driven manufacturers differentiate and deliver high impact business outcomes to drive growth and innovation through mission critical manufacturing analytics by:

  • Optimizing asset uptime with predictive analytics that increase throughput, speed to market and manufacturability.

  • Boosting production quality and underpinning continuous improvement to achieve zero accident/zero defect manufacturing.

  • Utilizing insights from all data sources to grow revenues, reduce costs and achieve rapid returns on investment.

  • Improving process and supply efficiency with adaptive automation to create new business models that help stabilize yield, manage uncertainty and reduce risk.


Through advanced analytic capabilities, manufacturers can optimize process efficiencies with adaptive automation to stabilize yield, optimize manufacturing analytics, manage uncertainty and reduce risk. We work with the world’s largest manufacturers to create and operationalise new business insights and capabilities to address some of the most strategic issues facing the manufacturing sector: 

  • Optimize Production and Back-End Processes—utilize analytically driven applications that monitor assets, increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness, strengthen production quality and expand profitability insights.

  • Enhance production stability—use advanced analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize asset uptime, increase throughput, maximize speed-to-market and enhance manufacturability while safely maximizing production value

  • Increase product/output quality—use factory level IoT data and advanced analytics to boost quality, create automated continuous improvement programs and achieve zero accident/zero defect production. Raise productivity, attain scalability and create a “Predictive Asset Management” methodology to apply across end-to-end processes by implementing analytically driven quality routines.

  • Improve profitability—use advanced manufacturing analytics models to deliver insights from any data source to map ideal customer and product experiences. Proactively manage the whole value chain, enhance Customer Relationship Management (and improve Customer Lifetime Value) to grow revenue, achieve rapid return on investment and reduce cost, re-work and scrap.

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why teradata

We innovate with our clients, using best of breed manufacturing analytical approaches, to deliver significant business process improvements.

Leading global companies trust Teradata when they want to increase revenue, manage costs, improve yields and maximize assets. These clients recognize that best in class analytics can solve their most complex issues and enables them to succeed in this increasingly turbulent and competitive landscape.

  • Clients trust Teradata because we draw on our IP and manufacturing industry experience to provide low-risk, breakthrough analytics that integrate massive volumes of end-to-end process data in a low-cost environment and integrates new/existing analytic tools and techniques to realize value from data rapidly and efficiently.
  • Teradata has delivered hundreds of successful manufacturing analytics project implementations that have helped to deliver successful product and production quality improvements, enabling clients to achieve significantly higher throughput and yields.
  • We deliver analytic innovation that enables manufacturing clients to ramp up fast (accelerating new product innovation cycles & reducing time to market weeks / months / years) and increase throughput with the highest yield—without abrasive consumption (rapid deterioration of assets) or increasing scrap, waste and rework.

We have successfully deployed our Predictive Asset Maintenance tools to deliver extremely successful and radically improved asset performance for many of the world’s leading manufacturers.


The Tools You Need for Accuracy and Reliability

We are recognized for our superior technology vision and capability based on integration of Teradata and open source technologies deployed in the public or Teradata cloud, and/or on-premises across Teradata and commodity hardware.