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Personalizing the banking experience using AI and ML.

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A bank at your beck and call.

Your fingerprint is unique. With more than 300M people in the United States, no one has the same fingerprint.  Similar to your fingerprint, U.S. Bank realizes that your banking and financial needs and expectations are uniquely yours.

Artificial Intelligence creates deep personalization, at scale.

Seeking to understand what makes you unique and your journey to improving financial success, U.S. Bank is using AI and ML to predict and deeply personalize the banking experience for its customers, bringing new products and better solutions to their financial needs, ultimately being one step ahead of their customers.

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If you have ever been a victim of suspected fraudulent activity on your account, you know it is a frustrating and disruptive experience.

U.S. Bank is able to minimize your disruptions and provide quicker return to access for you; unlocking access for you while locking out fraudsters. They do so with fraud analytics, analyzing all available data including your unique touchpoints to identify you from the fraudsters. As quick as their models may react, fraudsters react and adjust. A model that worked three months ago may not work today. U.S. Bank must be smarter and faster than the fraudsters and that is where ML comes into play.

U.S. Bank is endeavoring the use of AI to improve every touchpoint, every business line, and every function to better predict and personalize the banking experience.

David Berglund, Senior Vice President and AI Leader, refers to this AI journey to analyze fraud as a “seamless spectrum that effortlessly solves problems.” All channels and processes are under consideration.

This approach allows them to use AI and ML to help with:

  • U.S. Bank's mission

  • Customer journey and building better products

  • Deeply personalizing and scaling Treasury and retail customers

  • Lowering fraud and internal operating costs 

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