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Ataccama delivers AI-powered data curation with Ataccama ONE. It’s a robust platform integrating Data Discovery & Profiling, Data Catalog & Business Glossary, Data Quality Management, Big Data Processing & Data Integration, and Master & Reference Data Management. Ataccama ONE gives you the option to start with what you need and seamlessly extend as your business requires. The platform combines collaborative data stewardship, a robust data processing engine, machine learning, multiple deployment options, and enterprise-grade capabilities.

More than 350 organizations in a variety of industries around the world trust Ataccama to help them on their path to digital transformation by improving their data.

Gartner has positioned Ataccama on Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools and Gartner Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management of Customer Data Solutions in 2018.

Benefits of Partnership

Ataccama and Teradata have partnered for customers seeking to gain a competitive business advantage combining Teradata, one of the world's foremost global providers of data appliances, data warehousing and business intelligence technologies with Ataccama’s innovative solutions for Data Quality Management, Master and Reference Data Management, Metadata Management and Big Data.
Our joint customers are better able to profile, analyze, match, cleanse, govern, share, monitor and manage all of their data assets in one scalable integrated platform leveraging the high performance attributes of each system and easy connectivity.

Data Discovery & Profiling

Understanding the quality and meaning of your data is a critical first step to any long-term data quality initiative. Ataccama's Cloud-based or on-prem data profiler lets you easily connect to your Teradata database, profile any table and uncover patterns, statistics, nulls, duplicates, outliers, and business domains for data of any size. 

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Data Quality Management

Ataccama ONE DQM lets business users build a comprehensive data quality solution driven by their requirements. Powered by a fast, robust processing engine, the module provides on-the-spot evaluation, cleansing, data preparation, DQ monitoring, and manual issue resolution, as well as an intuitive web configuration UI. Ataccama ONE DQM ensures high data quality over time across the enterprise.

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Data Catalog & Business Glossary

A self-service, AI-powered metadata management solution that lets analysts and data scientists find the right data and understand it faster. With Ataccama ONE Metadata Management, teams across the organization connect their data sources, profile them, crowdsource, and enrich data assets with additional metadata, with AI suggesting new business terms and relationships.

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Master & Reference Data Management

Ataccama MDM is a robust, mature, and scalable module for Master & Reference Data Management. Ataccama ONE MDM lets organizations sizes integrate their source data, set up reference data dictionaries, create rules for cleansing, matching, and merging, and create golden records. In addition, data stewards can override the results of mastering and merging via a business user-friendly, web-based UI.

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Big Data Processing & Data Integration

Built for data engineers, data scientists, and business users alike, Ataccama's big data engine is built into every module. - Ingest data to a data lake of your choice. - Profile your data lake and populate the Data Catalog. - Enrich, standardize, and cleanse the data with out-of-the box DQ capabilities. - Export the data to a data warehouse or the analytical zone of the data lake.

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About Ataccama

  • Founded in 2006
  • Private ownership
  • Headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Offices in Stamford [CT, USA], London [UK], Prague [CZ], Munich [DE], Sydney [AU], Paris [FR]
  • Over 350 customer implementations
  • More than 35,000 users of the free profiling tool Ataccama ONE Profiler
  • Positioned on the most recent Gartner Magic Quadrants for DQ Tools and MDM Solutions.