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Collaborative Data Science Platform

Dataiku develops Dataiku Data Science Studio, the enterprise-grade platform for data teams that enables companies to build and deliver their own data products more efficiently. More than 100 customers including NPR, L'Oreal, AXA, Hostel World, and many more use Dataiku DSS on a daily basis to collaboratively build predictive data flows to detect fraud, reduce churn, optimize internal logistics, predict future maintenance issues, and more. Dataiku has offices in Paris and New York

Benefits of Partnership

The Dataiku-Teradata partnership empowers business analysts, DevOps professionals, and data scientists to collaborate in a single development environment to develop, test, operationalize, and deploy advanced analytic solutions across the enterprise while leveraging the full power of the Teradata analytic ecosystem.  The combination provides cross-functional analytic teams with the flexibility they need to optimize their analytic models and applications for their environment, pushing the processing to the data, while using the analytic tools and languages with which they are most comfortable to iterate faster and drive greater insight.  Together, Dataiku and Teradata provide organizations with a standard architecture to perform data science at scale and build a data-driven culture that leverages data as a strategic asset.

Dataiku DSS (Data Science Studio)

Dataiku’s Data Science Studio (DSS) is an end-to-end collaborative data science platform on which data analysts and scientists can create data applications from start to finish. DSS is production ready and is not only useful for insights and modeling, but also for applying predictions in real time to business operations.

Product Interoperability

Version Teradata Versions
8.0 Vantage AdvSQL 17.00
7.0 Vantage AdvSQL 16.20
6.0 Vantage AdvSQL 16.20
5.1 TD 16.20
TD 16.10
5.0 TD 16.20
TD 16.10
4.3 TD 16.10
4.2.1 TD 16.10
4.0 TD 15.10
3.0 TD 15.10

H2O Driverless AI

Product Interoperability

Version Teradata Versions

About Dataiku

Dataiku created Data Science Studio (DSS), a software platform that aggregates all the steps and big data tools necessary to get from raw data to running and maintaining data driven applications. Thanks to its visual and interactive workspace, it is accessible to both Data Scientists and Business Analysts and significantly shortens the load-prepare-test-deploy cycles required to create data driven applications.