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HVR Software

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HVR Software delivers Enterprise Data Replication at scale. HVR is a flexible solution which allows a real-time data-feed from a variety of production DBMS's into a data warehouse. This allows multi-terabyte real-time business intelligence system to be installed & configured in a fraction of usual time.

Benefits of Partnership

HVR allows Teradata customer to quickly setup and deploy Teradata as a realtime data warehouse. HVR is faster, more flexible and significantly easier to use than other heterogeneous replication products. Especially when setting up and loading data in a tera/peta byte Teradata environment, HVRs ultra fast performance will benefit the Teradata customer.

High Volume Replicator

HVR is a Enterprise Data Replication solution which replicates from Oracle, DB2, SQL Server etc... into Teradata using change data capture (CDC) straight from the DBMS logs (redo & archives). Its simple GUI means a 'channel' can be setup quickly. It creates Teradata target tables and uses the TPT load option to load data in parallel, which massively simplifies and speeds up setup.

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Product Interoperability

Version Teradata Versions
5.3 TD 16.10
TD 15.10
5.1 TD 15.10
TD 15.0
TD 14.10
4.7 TD 15.10
TD 15.0
TD 14.10

About HVR Software

HVR is a real-time data replication solution which supports many databases. HVR performs log-based change data capture (CDC) from the DBMS logs (e.g. redo & archives) of various DBMS. Data loading is highly optimized, using parallel direct-path loading into various MPP targets and specifically on Teradata, using its multi-fast TPT load option. With HVR, a channel can be setup quickly. From the HVR GUI, you can create Teradata target tables in the target from the  source tables, which massively simplifies setup from a real-time Teradata ODS.