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Simple Access to Secure Data

The ShieldIO™ is a Silicon Valley-based security technology company innovating how enterprises access and use encrypted data. Secure Data as a Service Platform manages access, encryption, fuzzy logic, distributed ledger and the federated access to the different secured and unsecured data stores using Real Time Homomorphic Encryption.

The encryption process is AES 256 Symmetric Encryption using derived keys, one for each encryption process. The keys are never stored in a KeyStore, making insider or backdoor access impossible. The platform utilizes - High Performance Computing, Extreme Memory & Processor Management; - Artificial Intelligence manages the creation of the keys from various random inputs; - Natural Language Understanding manages the federated access and Fuzzy Logic engines.

Benefits of Partnership

ShieldIO enables secure database access with these capabilities:

  • Maintains database structure integrity for search and SQL access
  • ShieldIO server can encrypt one field, sub-field or the entire database 
  • Sensitive data remains encrypted at rest, in transit and and use
  • KeyStore-Less encryption eliminates the need for key management and remove the KeyStore vulnerability   
  • The database architecture doesn’t change, so no impact to the applications
  • Connects to multiple, disparate databases and can produce a single result set
  • There's no admin/root access to sensitive data
  • No data access or flow interruption

Secure Data as a Service

Shield IO Secure Data as a Service (SDaaS©), enables keystore-less encryption for your data, (structured & unstructured) while not limiting its’ use, allowing for greater granularity for Role Based Access Control (RBAC) keeping the implementation cost low while helping you to become compliant and secure quickly and cost effectively.

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Product Interoperability

Version Teradata Versions
1.0.0 TD 16.20
TD 16.10
TD 15.10

About ShieldIO

ShieldIO is partnering with Teradata to unlock valuable insights from all stored data including sensitive data, while protecting against all external and internal threats no matter where data is stored, maintaining the integrity of existing systems and blocking insider and external threats to the data. SDaaS easily integrate with Teradata databases with zero architecture changes and offers the highest level of encryption for one field or the entire database to ensure all data stored in the database is securely encrypted, yet searchable.