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Teradata EPIC Award Ceremony Honors Leaders in the Use of Data Analytics to Create Business Value


Teradata (NYSE: TDC), a leading analytics solutions company, last night honored 16 high-performing customers and partnerships with Teradata EPIC Awards. The ceremony was held at the Teradata PARTNERS Conference and Expo and recognized outstanding achievement in the use of data to generate business value, innovative use of big data analytics technology including the Internet of Things, and partnership excellence. Teradata Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer Oliver Ratzesberger officiated the 9th annual ceremony, with Teradata President and Chief Executive Officer Victor Lund, and Teradata Executive Vice President and Chief Business Development Officer Mikael Bisgaard-Bohr present to congratulate the winners.

The independent panel of judges included a cross-section of industry innovators, chief information officers, marketing specialists, technologists, educators and technology journalists.

By category, the EPIC Award winners recognized were as follows:

Customer Awards

Category: Analytical Excellence
Solutions that improve business decision making by increasing the accuracy or speed of business insights, and by delivering measurable improvements in revenue, organizational performance and/or productivity.

Winner: Anthem Inc.
Project: Client Information Insights (CII) 2.0 - Client Information Insights (CII) is a robust reporting and analytics solution for employers, brokers and consultants.

Category: Big Data Excellence
Winners in this category are doing groundbreaking work to deliver business outcomes using big data, and/or data lakes with BI technologies and techniques.

Winner: China Merchants Bank
Project: Big Data Planning Project - This big data planning project focused on technical aspects, investigated business requirements and summarized big data use case categories.

Category: Customer Insights and Engagement
Solutions in this class deliver customer insights from any channel and help drive customer engagement, response, or loyalty; and implementations that optimize data-driven marketing programs.

Winner: Southwest Airlines
Project: Customer Centricity Transformation (CCT): Customer Data Warehouse (CDW) - This new Technology is allowing Southwest Airlines to drive customer insights, improve customer acquisition and retention, dramatically expand customer segmentation and fully leverage its investment in its new reservation system.

Category: Innovation and Leadership
This category honors a top Technologist or Business Leader (CIO, CMO, vice president or director) who generated a positive impact on their organization, leading integration of business and IT and the application of Teradata technology to improve his or her company's business performance.

Winner: Ken Drake, Senior Director of Business Intelligence, Blizzard Entertainment - With a commitment to building strong teams, leveraging global resources and always putting the customer at the center, Ken successfully implemented the Teradata Unified Data Architecture from scratch in only six months.

Category: Integrated View of the Business
Solutions in this class break down organizational and data silos to deliver analytic insights by connecting disparate systems, data sources, data types and/or data structures across an organization.

Winner: Sanofi
Project: Maestro - This is the first ambitious project where the customer built an agile clinical data warehouse to address the clinical trial challenges and high variability of the increasing data volume.

Category: On the Edge with Internet of Things (IoT)
By capturing and analyzing all types of sensor data from telematics and/or interconnected devices such as vehicles, meters, machines, weather devices, buildings, manufacturing lines, and shopping carts, this emerging breakthrough business application can monetize the industrial Internet of Things by changing business models, improving processes, exploiting new technologies, improving personal health, or enhancing the customer experience in new ways.

Winner: Siemens AG
Project: Internet of Trains @ Siemens Mobility Services - Considered to be the leading IoT platform using the Teradata® Unified Data Architecture™, this platform represents a new, market-leading offering of data-driven insights, opening up a new customer segment that was previously not addressable.

Category: Operational Excellence
Implementations in this class use data and analytics to deliver measurable improvements in the organization’s operations, such as forecasting or anticipating customer demand; improving inventory management, or increasing sustainable business practices and resource optimization.

Winner: United States Air Force
Project: Data-Driven Vehicle Management at United States Air Force - This program represents the nation’s 4th largest government vehicle fleet of over 78K assets valued at more than $7B.

Integration & Consulting Partner (ICP) & Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Awards

Category: ICP & ISV Big Data Intelligence
Partners in this group will have leveraged one or more of Teradata’s platform technologies including Teradata, Teradata Aster or Hadoop -- to leverage new emerging data sources such as Web logs, sensor data, digital marketing optimization platforms, Web path analysis, or other advanced analytics for discovery and insight.

Winner (ICP): IBM Global Business Services
Project: Always-On CRM Analytics - This project provides one of the top four largest financial institutions in Australia with new insights into customer behavior and experience across the bank’s international divisions by combining banking data with external data through partnerships with other industries such as telecommunications, retail, insurance, industrials and financial organizations.

Winner (ISV): SAS
Project: Railway Advanced Analytics Platform – This customer from the SAS-Teradata partnership, a major transportation provider, is supported by an integrated portfolio of products in Teradata’s Unified Data Architecture.

Category: ICP Business Insight
This award recognizes a partner who has developed and implemented a point solution -- such as pre-built applications or an industry offer -- that uses any analytic data platform, including Teradata, Teradata Aster, Hadoop and/or one of our analytic applications to deliver analytic insights to customers.

Winner (ICP): Capgemini and Coca-Cola Refreshments
Project: Predictive Ordering – This partner has been and is currently providing a host of services in multiple areas across the value chain, offering a tailored approach to deliver services and innovations enabled by a host of capability centers.

Category: ICP & ISV Enterprise Intelligence
This award recognizes a partner who has worked with a customer to build a company-wide solution leveraging a Teradata enterprise data warehouse to drive value.

Winner (ICP): Accenture
Project: Insights Data Lab - Over the past three years, this partner has assisted a mutual customer in moving from an IM Strategy to the selection of a new platform and the delivery execution for a new data foundation. Additionally in 2015, the first phase of a new strategy went into production with the development of an “Insights Data Lab” for advanced analytics.

Winner (ISV): Fuzzy Logix and Tesco
Project: Tesco Sales Forecasting Analytics - This partner and Teradata collaborated with a large retailer in Europe to implement a sales forecasting solution to accelerate forecasts, which can now be run multiple times per day and take into account multiple variables down to the store level.

Category: ICP & ISV Collaborative Revenue
The Collaborative Revenue award recognizes the ISV & ICPI who worked with Teradata to influence the largest year-over-year order revenue growth for Teradata technology and services.

Winner (ICP): Wipro Limited - As a leading organization providing information technology, consulting, implementation and outsourcing services, this partner has collaborated with Teradata for nearly two decades, delivering enterprise data warehousing, data integration, business intelligence and advanced analytics to joint customers globally.

Winner (ISV): Celebrus Technologies - A global leader in Digital Analytics, this company has been a Teradata Alliance Partner since 2009 and has collaborated with the Teradata field sales teams around the world.

Category: ICP & ISV Partner-Driven Wins
The award recognizes the partner who drove the most Teradata wins during the past year.

Winner (ICP): Cognizant Technology Solutions - This American multinational corporation has provided custom information technology, consulting and business process outsourcing services, and has utilized their deep expertise to help mutual clients leverage Teradata-based analytic solutions in support of various growth, risk, customer experience and cost optimization mandates.

Winner (ISV): Cloudera - This partner has been strategically aligned with Teradata since 2014, maintaining a deep engineering relationship with a joint roadmap including co-engineered high-performance, bidirectional data flow between Hadoop and Teradata--driving major new wins globally.

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