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SBI Sumishin Net Bank Selects Teradata to Accelerate Data Driven Management and deliver an Integrated Database

July 31, 2017 | TOKYO

Improved operational efficiency to dramatically reduce Data analysis work from a month a half to just about 1 minute

Teradata Japan announced today that SBI Sumishin Net Bank, Ltd. has selected the Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance and Teradata’s BI search tool, AccessNavigatorWeb, for the Japanese market for its data and analytics management.  Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance went into production in May 2017.
Sumishin Net Bank chosen Teradata for its data processing capabilities and the scalability its solutions offer, as well as its long-established implementation track record both within the Japanese market and globally.
Sumishin Net Bank, which established as an internet bank in September 2007, is pioneering the philosophy of providing ‘customer focused services’. Today, Sumishin Net Bank continues to grow organically by offering its own financial services including SBI hybrid deposit and low interest housing loan accounts.
With a goal to realize integrated data-driven management, Sumishin Net Bank set about integrating various types of data scattered across its organization to enable more a more advanced decision making process utilizing data. The Bank also aims to create an environment in which business users can use and leverage the data more flexibly and in a timely manner.
To create an integrated data base infrastructure, Sumishin Net Bank transitioned their existing data warehouse (DWH) from Oracle to Teradata. This immediately improved operational efficiencies through increased processing performance, thus enabling faster reference, aggregation and analysis of the data.  Furthermore, by utilizing Teradata’s AccessNavigatorWeb with Teradata, users are now able to perform non-routine searches as well as use to the existing routine search function, which has improved the flexibility of the analytics function dramatically:
  • Shortened data addition - from a month a half to just about 1 minute: For example, when adding new data to the DWH for aggregating advertisement effects, it was previously necessary to develop systems every time. With Teradata AccessNavigatorWeb, users are now able to add data whenever they like without having to start from scratch each time. As a result, for some operations, the data addition process which had previously taken about a month a half to a few months, has been shortened to about 1 minute.
  • Shortened data collection - from about 15 minutes to about 3 minutes: Previously, customer and loan information data etc. was collected separately. With AccessNavigatorWeb, tables can be integrated to reduce the workload of maintaining user tools, thus shortening the time for data collection from about 15 minutes to about 3 minutes. 
Moving forward, Sumishin Net Bank will accelerate its data-driven management strategy to transition to an MIS (Management Information System) for the entire organization utilizing Teradata solutions to ensure:
  • Timely decision making by management and business personnel: Increase the speed of the business plan-do-take- act (PDCA) cycle through timely decision making, which will be achieved by collecting and integrating data from various sources, including data such as credit granting, Event Based Marketing System (EBM: IBM DB2), website, email, FX scattered across various other product systems and external open data (e.g. advertising data).
  • A strengthened organizational structure for data utilization:  Develop an organizational structure that allows all staff to make decisions based on data (previously capability was   limited to select marketing staff).
  •  An enhanced customer journey and engagement: Utilizing online banking, Sumishin Net Bank will strengthen customer engagement by building a customer journey map and providing clear messages and services tailored to individual customers, delivered in a timely and speedy manner. 
Teradata Japan will continue work with Sumishin Net Bank to further enhance the data management and integration process thereby delivering improved consulting services and advanced data utilization.
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