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Teradata Visualizes the Path to Impactful Business Insights

December 12, 2017 | SAN DIEGO

Understanding relationships, connectivity and the big picture hidden within a company’s own data can be a reliable signpost to increased profitability

Whether it’s fraud detection, preemptive discovery of manufacturing malfunctions, or delivering a more streamlined customer journey, today’s leading corporations are using their data as a significant strength and market advantage to achieve their business outcomes. Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the leading data and analytics company, provides the analytic solutions and the industry expertise that can address such critical business problems, stay competitive and grow.

As companies accept that analytics are key to business success, the audience and appetite for such needle-moving insights has dramatically expanded beyond advanced analytics professionals to marketers, business analysts, C-suite and other leadership teams. One of the more creative ways Teradata is facilitating conversation between these disparate groups within the same organization is through art-worthy visualizations that creatively depict insights through the application of multi-genre advanced analytic techniques.
Teradata’s Art of Analytics effort, a program that any Teradata customer can become involved with, transforms analytic findings into enlightening and appealing visuals that showcase causal relationships within the data, making it easier for any interested party to identify patterns that point to actionable solutions to real-world business problems.

Below are examples of compelling Art of Analytics projects that showcase insights that have truly had an impact on the business. The names of each organization have been masked to ensure privacy.

The Sword: A sword, with its tapering shape and sharpness, can precisely describe gamers’ interactions with other players in their network. This sword depicts the strength and rage of interactions between participants in an online game. Online pagers compete against others with the spirit of accumulating massive points in games of one-upmanship. Each of these game networks, regardless of its genre, is filled with passionate participants who seek each other out repeatedly to engage in ever-increasing levels of difficulty and gamely sparring.

Corona of Calls: What would you see in a giant corona, or a large circle of light, with colorful leaves of varying lengths sprouting around it? This corona depicts a network of calls made in a geographic area prior to a terrorist incident. Frantic calls are usually made after an incident occurs by people affected by it. However, calls made before the incident are also informative and can contain clues about the perpetrators. These are the patterns of calls that law enforcement and intelligence agencies want to identify, isolate, and use to locate the perpetrators as well as to prevent future incidents from occurring.

Burning Leaf: Fusing business acumen, data science, and creative visualization, the Burning Leaf of Spending enabled a major bank to detect anomalies in customer spending patterns that indicate major life events, and provided artful insights into the personalized service required to enhance the customer experience, improving lifetime value.

Deep Sea Monster: Fraud costs organizations billions of dollars each year. With fraud becoming increasingly sophisticated and taking many forms, companies need new ways to identify and mitigate the threat. ‘Deep Sea Monster’ looks like a mystical creature, but in reality, it is a visual representation of potentially fraudulent government procurement networks in Russia. Today, government procurement data in Russia is open and can be easily accessed by anyone. The bidding process for procuring good and services is designed to be open and transparent.

Safety Cloud: What would you do if you could speedily read through reams of papers that contain a wide range of content and exhibit a native facility to distill these contents into distinct topics? Sounds like a worthy skill to have. We are in luck with the polychrome cloud that precisely shows how different topics are neatly clustered into self-contained blobs that can be further explored to understand the nature of what is being spoken of within these clusters.


Hollywood Nights: Entertainment companies have placed exclusive focus, especially in an era of intense competitive pressure, on delivering unique customer experiences that are highly personalized to the idiosyncratic and shifting tastes of the viewing public. Gone are the days of two-sizes-fit-all entertainment packages where the onus in on the customer to cherry pick content from a static set of options. When we add to this the diversity of how entertainment is delivered – though set top boxes, streaming platforms, digital applications, theaters – the issue becomes even more complex and urgent to address.

Teradata customers are invited to become part of the Art of Analytics collective, where they can contribute to a diverse portfolio of customer stories that are displayed as highly visual artwork. Teradata data scientists can use their deep business knowledge, creativity and analytic expertise to turn business use cases into works of art, such as those below.

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