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Vantage Customer Experience with Dan Summerlin

Optimizing the customer experience is a top CMO priority, yet most large enterprises lack visibility to the end-to-end customer journey. The majority of organizations are challenged with identifying and responding to the multitude of customer pain points, and are unable to rapidly personalize customer interactions in a meaningful way.    

In this video, customer experience expert Dan Summerlin shows how Vantage Customer Experience helps leading data driven organizations overcome customer challenges to drive breakthrough business outcomes that increase revenue and lower service costs. This software demonstration covers all aspects of an enterprise customer data platform (CDP); from building the full customer profile, to generating customer insights, to activating those insights in real time.

Summerlin shows how marketers and CX professionals can build the full customer profile with easy-to-use citizen data integrator capabilities that leverage pre-built APIs, and how that data can be integrated with other customer data sets using probabilistic and deterministic matching. He then illustrates how customer analytics are democratized through no-code analytics like text for sentiment analysis, PATH for mapping the customer journey, cluster for creating groups of customers with similar characteristics, and machine learning for optimizing specific customer outcomes. The data and analytics ultimately drive value by delivering highly personalized communications in real time, and leveraging digital events with integrated historical contextual data. Watch the video to learn more.

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Today I’d like to show you how Teradata can help you optimize your customer experience. So now let’s look at how Teradata’s customer experience solution, Vantage CX, can help us optimize the customer experience. So we start with the data. So Teradata Vantage already has several capabilities they bring to the table on how we can manage and access data. Everything from traditional ETL processes to a vast and growing API library to custom processes like virtualization of data and cutting-edge capabilities like query grid. This allows IT and other professionals to bring that data together. Vantage CX extends those capabilities to the business, so using a workflow tool like we have here, I can create automated data sets directly as a business user directly from a drag and drop interface. So if you see here, I can easily drag the nodes that I need. So even if I need to go out and get specialized data from a certain location I can do that. I can connect out and use those APIs and leverage that capability. I could manage that. I could even cut and paste in what my connection is. I can define where that data’s going over time and apply that to my data sets as needed. (Sign up to watch video and read full transcript)