Smart Cities

Make No Mistake, Smart Communities Need Smart Data Management


Why Smart Cities and States embrace unified data, advanced analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Unleash operational efficiency by unifying data across domains (e.g., transportation services, parking, lighting) to obtain deeper insight and context. 

  • Enhance citizen and visitor services to better match demand by applying advanced analytics to obtain a comprehensive picture of behavior and experience.

  • Make data-driven decisions in real time by automating data ingestion from multiple IoT-enabled sources to increase public safety.

  • Create new revenue streams by enabling collaboration via user sharing and driving external data market usage and collaboration.

our offerings Mobility as a Service
Leverage data for first-to-last mile traveler insights  

Citizen 360 
Align mobility solutions, urban planning and other services within a smart city, to the needs of the citizen 

Urban Accessibility
Measure the ease or difficulty of getting from one part of a smart city with an urban accessibility index

Transportation Optimization
Implement multimodal, strategic, and tactical analytic techniques for the most effective approach to smart city transportation optimization
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why teradata

Experience and Expertise with Smart Data Management

Teradata has 40 years of experience helping cities and states evolve worldwide from standalone or narrowly-focused projects to highly integrated, business-driven operations. Using Smart Data Management as a focal point, we drive projects to success through data acquisition and a proven strategy that optimizes analytics, helping communities derive sustainable value.

Whether your focus is mobility/transportation, sustainability, public safety, or agency data silo consolidation, Teradata can empower your organization to make smarter, data-driven decisions.  Using a smart data management strategy allows insights that were difficult, if not impossible, to easily achieve before.