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Cloud Analytics

In today’s data-fueled world, cloud analytics are quickly becoming the new currency for knowing not only what is happening in the organization, but more importantly, why things are happening — as well as what is likely to occur in the future, and what the organization should be doing right now to position for success. In other words, cloud data analytics is the new basis for competing and winning.

Beware of Hype

While cloud enthusiasm is clearly justified, it is important to maintain some perspective. Regardless of where analytics are to be performed, the fundamental purpose of these capabilities does not change with the advent of the cloud.

In other words, the core function of analytics is to drive deeper insight to inform better decisions that improve business outcomes. The mere fact that an organization has analytics in the cloud does not mean the business is any closer to having the best data models to explain the entire operation. Nor does having analytics in the cloud necessarily correlate with having the right, up to-date data on hand to answer hard questions and deliver valid insights.

Teradata believes the ideal cloud analytics platform can deliver real-time intelligence leveraging 100 percent of an organization’s data, regardless of scale or volume of queries. With so many available tools to analyze data and such a wide range of choices for how and where to deploy them, the options can seem overwhelming. Beware, not all analytic platforms—or deployment methods—are created equal.

Teradata cloud analytic platform is designed specifically for enterprise customers.

Teradata can help align the right people, technology, and analytics to deliver better business outcomes using a unique combination of strengths:


Business, architecture, and technology services to drive organization-wide change


Flexible architectures to bridge business needs with IT realities


Automated, agile, and easy-to-use analytics solutions to facilitate finding answers

Customer Experience

Optimize Through Every Touchpoint

When it comes to customer experience, acquisition, retention, cross-sell and upsell, Teradata can help. Solutions include delivery of relevant, personalized experiences in real-time; journey influence to align with desired outcomes; and system design to support the complexity and scale needed today and in the future.

Tap into Teradata expertise for data integration, multi-genre analytics, and cross-channel orchestration:

Enhance Experiences

Deliver personalized, relevant communications

Increase Market Share

Increase individual sales with cross-sell and upsell

Grow Sales Revenue

Expand market presence with new customers

Reduce Churn

Retain customers by mitigating churn risk

Integrated Finance Analytics

Because Chaos is Costly

The chaos typical of modern finance is exacerbated by multiple data sources, data mart proliferation, and business intelligence anarchy. An integrated finance foundation helps companies maintain a single version of the truth and end the costly, time-consuming practice of relying on local, siloed data marts.

Through the power of integrated analytics, the CFO and finance can fully embrace their roles in improving enterprise performance:

Predictive Analytics

Improve performance organization-wide

Enterprise-wide Visibility

Automated, integrated, end-to-end view

Data Consolidation

Eliminate silo-induced blind spots

Automated Reporting

Save staff hours with consolidation

Mergers and Acquisitions

Unveil new business value in M&A activity

HR Analytics

Reduce churn, drive hiring best practices

Product Innovation Analytics

For Cradle-to-Grave Traceability

Before improving product lines or accelerating time-to-market, one has to understand what makes products successful—or what causes them to fail. Teradata creates custom solutions to provide visibility and insight into product lifecycles.

Solutions improve product quality, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency:


Trace each phase from start to finish

Speed to Market

Faster deployment without sacrificing quality

Increase Revenue

Find opportunities using new business models

Lifecycle Management

Enhanced management of multiple SKUs

Proactive Risk Mitigation

Stop Incidents Before They Happen

At some point most businesses will be targeted by cybercrooks or fraudsters. It’s impossible to know when or how they’ll do it, so companies need to be prepared. Even though the threats are real, Teradata customers have access to more risk management defenses than ever before.

The most effective risk mitigation strategies identify and address patterns, trends, and signals that are otherwise invisible:

Identify Vulnerabilities

Find and quantify areas of potential weakness

Proactive Defense

Establish monitoring and advanced threat intelligence

Risk Management Models

Account for all categories—IT, brand, ops

Multiple Consumption and Deployment Options

There are many ways to deploy and use Vantage on an as-a-service basis, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Teradata Cloud, and Customer Cloud. Teradata provisions and manages the environment so customers can focus on answers, not IT.

Vantage on AWS
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Use AWS infrastructure with Teradata Vantage
Vantage on Azure
Microsoft Azure Combine Azure resources with Teradata Vantage
Vantage on Google Cloud
Google Cloud Leverage Google Cloud with Teradata Vantage
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