Vantage Cloud Pricing

No two organizations’ data analytics needs are the same. That’s why Vantage offers a choice of cloud pricing models, so you always have the right fit for your workloads, your budget, and your goals. Whether you start small and grow as your needs change or tackle massive workloads from day 1, you’ll only pay for what you need and always enjoy the lowest cost at scale. 

Flexible & Affordable Cloud Pricing Options


Blended Cloud Pricing for Vantage is an enterprise-class pricing model that couples low-cost, predictable reserved compute capacity with on-demand elasticity in which you pay only for additional compute resources used or activated, plus storage. Unlike legacy alternatives that force you to pay full-time for any peaks in usage, Teradata Blended Pricing offers a tailored approach that allows you to get what you require in an efficient manner while benefitting from the lowest cost at scale.


Consumption Cloud Pricing for Vantage is an innovative, pay-as-you-go option with automatic elasticity in which you pay only for compute resources consumed for successful queries, measured down to the kilobyte by user, plus storage. Unlike capacity-based alternatives determined by whether compute instances are turned on or off irrespective of usage, Teradata Consumption Pricing is strictly a function of usage. You need never worry about utilization, system sizing, query concurrency, or resource status because Teradata manages them all — and you do not pay for what you do not use. For a true risk-free experience, there is even a zero-down, no obligation option.

Vantage cost meets or beats the competition.

At scale


Vantage is the clear winner. Our costs grow linearly; the competition’s grow exponentially.

Compare Teradata to the 
cloud-only competition.

Cloud-only warehouse Vantage
Get started quickly without ongoing obligation
Start quickly without ongoing financial obligation Cloud-only warehouse
Start quickly without ongoing financial obligation Vantage
Start small and grow
Can start small and scale to a midsize system Cloud-only warehouse
Can start small and scale to an enterprise-size system Vantage
Scale and compute as little as needed in small steps
Scale only in increasingly bigger steps, which are often larger than needed Cloud-only warehouse
Scale incrementally based on usage to avoid unused resources Vantage
Choice of pricing models for different workloads
Limited to
pay-as-you-go pricing
Cloud-only warehouse
Flexible choice: Blended and Consumption Pricing
Lowest cost per query at scale
Cost per query rises dramatically as query volume increases Cloud-only warehouse
Cost per query remains low as query volume increases Vantage
Pay only for what you need with granular scalability
Pay for what is provisioned, even if what's provisioned is much larger than what's needed Cloud-only warehouse
Pay only for what you use with granular scaling Vantage
Pay only for queries and storage
Pay for what is provisioned, even if unused Cloud-only warehouse
Only pay for resources actually used for successful queries (Consumption Pricing) Vantage
Enjoy predictable pricing without billing surprises
Cost "surprises" after discovering how much automatic scaling costs Cloud-only warehouse
Costs remain bounded by financial guardrails (Blended Pricing) Vantage
Enjoy automatic elasticity and never worry about system size
Guess at the maximum size you might need for automatic scaling Cloud-only warehouse
Allows Teradata to monitor and automatically adjust system size for you based on usage (Consumption Pricing) Vantage
Reuse prior on-premises investments and IP for new developments 
Start over, recode, and retrain just to your previous baseline Cloud-only warehouse
Gain positive ROI from Day 1 with your current data and tools Vantage
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Full transparency

With Vantage, there are no surprise costs. Our intuitive console lets you easily track resource usage, so you can ensure you’re always getting the most value. 
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