Accelerating Your SAS Performance

SAS and Teradata empower organizations to solve complex business problems, drive sustainable growth through innovation, and manage change. Improving SAS performance isn't about adding new products; it's about getting more from what you already have. Teradata understands this and developed proven strategies to help you do exactly that — get maximum value from your SAS advanced analytics solutions.

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Teradata Optimization Services

Proven strategies to leverage maximum power from the combined SAS® and Teradata solution and simplify building, testing, and scoring models quickly. 

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Teradata Appliance for SAS

Integrated with SAS High-Performance Analytics Products, SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Visual Statistics, and SAS IMSTAT to enable SAS® in-memory analytics that solve complex business in near real-time.

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Teradata Center of Excellence

Short, in-person, low-pressure sessions help you optimize your SAS data management tools, educate users on best practices, and walk through the steps needed for amazing results.

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SAS® High-Performance Analytics

Generate highly accurate and timely insights and solve complex problems using larger volumes of data than ever before.

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SAS® High-Performance Analytics for Teradata Advantage Program 

Analytical tools covering data exploration, modeling, and scoring for highly-scalable, in-memory distributed architecture that maximizes performance and minimizes processing time.

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  • SAS® High-Performance Analytics for Teradata Advantage Program 

Helping You Get More from Your SAS Analytics.

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