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You deliver a trusted source of integrated data for analytics that supports organizational decisions and meets user SLAs

You need high performance, high availability, and scalability for multi-genre analytics and data types…

…to enable LOBs to answer the toughest business questions and develop sophisticated solutions.

Why You Should Attend

Sessions directly related to your role
Open discussions and thought sharing
Meaningful peer networking
1:1 conversations with experts in the field

Sessions for ANSWERS to your greatest challenges

Jump Up 3 Versions of Teradata (from 13.10 to 16.20)
See inside the process of Vodafone Czech Republic as it pursued a significant upgrade of the Teradata software and hardware, including progress from the technical and business perspectives. Breakout #1771

Make the Small Things Count:  Moving Tiny Tables into Sparse Maps
Sparse maps, a powerful option of the MAPS feature, allowing you to relocate the rows of a small table onto one or a few AMPs. Explore this feature, as we review functionality and trade-offs using sparse maps. Breakout #1712

Data Stream Architecture for Teradata Business Continuity
See the keys to success with DSA for Boeing, and how it optimized BAR operations and DR strategy for supporting business continuity with workload migration to an alternate data center. Breakout #1713

Platform Management in Cruise Control
Learn about PayPal’s key operational metrics and best practices, as well as automation and smart alerts implemented to improve platform operational efficiency. Breakout #1834

EXCLUSIVE: Teradata Vantage™ education and exploration

  • Shifts in Roles & Responsibilities for the Vantage DBA
  • Thirty Seconds to Data Insights
  • Using AI Powered by Vantage to Transform Customer Support
  • System Management Best Practices for Vantage
  • Vantage SQL Engine Architecture Overview
  • Our Information Ecosystem Journey: ABANCA (early adopter)
  • And more, related sessions below!

More sessions for Data Warehouse Professionals

Converting Business Requirements into Teradata Workload Management

Hear how Overstock.com converted spool, CPU values into simple query grades, including challenges and benefits of the process.

Breakout #1762

Optimizing the IntelliFlex 2.1 Platform 

Learn how T-Mobile, along with TD, has optimized its IntelliFlex 2.1 platform and delayed costly expansions.

Breakout #1772

Snapshots for Data Protection

Experience a breakthrough customer experience solution we are delivering for Teradata BAR and IntelliCloud customers.

Breakout #1784

Teradata Columnar Today: Use Cases and Simple Steps for Getting Started

Drop by this session to get a quick update on what Teradata Columnar is and how it’s being implemented at customer sites.

Breakout #1868

The Comcast “Grant Manager” Tool: Keeping Database Users Happy

Explore Comcast’s inhouse web-based application tool (integrated with Teradata Database) that grants appropriate database user access with defined approval workflows.

Breakout #1787

Women Leaders in Tech Roundtable

Join successful women leaders in tech to discuss their background, roles, challenges and inspirations.

Panel #1789

Deep Learning for Query Resource Prediction

Explore a research project outlined to develop novel techniques for improved predictions of query costs, resource consumptions, and how different resource allocations can impact performance.

Breakout #1802

The Dell Journey From Teradata Appliance to Teradata on Dell Hardware

Explore the Dell journey of migrating from Teradata 2850 Appliance to Teradata Software only (VMs) on Dell Hardware.

Breakout #1816

Société Générale Retail Banking Journey to Data Governance

Dive deep into the organization’s journey from retail banking to data governance in a diversified environment of constantly-increasing data in which the goal was to connect all data, systems and users within one platform. 

Breakout #1751

Hear first-hand from customers

How they address the same challenges you’re experiencing, while empowering their  business with insights from all their data, all of the time.

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