Teradata for Oil and Gas

Improving safety, productivity, and quality of life

Teradata for Oil and Gas

Reduce risk, improve margins, make better and faster decisions

Get a holistic view of all your data across the entire value chain. Integrate all data from all sources, including field assets, rigs, wells, plants, sensors, and more.

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Drilling and Completions

Establish your service agnostic data foundation with Drilling Data As-a-Service, fundamental Rig States analytics, and combine these with Drill Bit Failure Analysis for real, tangible, high value results.

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Optimize lifting costs, maintenance costs, and your entire supply chain with rich, cross-functional cost forensics.

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Tired of arguing about which data is right? Instead, focus your time on your operational priorities: energy efficiency, operational excellence, blending analytics, and product giveaway.

Learn how these solutions will help your team find success with Teradata

Delivering world-class capabilities for oil and gas companies to operationalize analytics at scale


Drive efficiency and effectiveness of fleets, and other capital assets, for operators, fleet owners, and factory asset operators, extending to impact on operator/driver behavior and consumers as applicable.


More than 5,000 global experts with proven experience to deliver and operationalize analytics, so you can understand how best to use your data to meet your strategic business goals.

Supply Chain

Drive visibility, agility, and closed-loop responsiveness, as well as efficiency across the supply network using superior integrated data from trading partners.

Digital Transformation

Drive efficiency across the factory 4 walls. Raw materials and finished product are measured by improved Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) superior integrated data from factory orders, inventory, quality, shop floor,  environmentals, and process automation equipment.

Take upstream and downstream analytics a step further with Teradata Vantage™

Take upstream and downstream analytics a step further with Teradata Vantage™

Improve safety
Applying analytics and machine learning leading to safer work environments.

Increase productivity
Integrating and analyzing data from sensors, logistics, and other sources drives productivity.

Enhance quality of life
Empowering employees with analytics solves problems faster and improves quality of life.

Pave the way to better, faster decisions with Teradata.

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