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Teradata Expands Managed Cloud Offering into Europe

November 15, 2016 | San Diego, California

Germany becomes Teradata’s first European location for data warehousing as a service; meets European customers’ demands for a secure, regional, agile environment

Teradata (NYSE: TDC), a leading analytics solutions company, is expanding its Managed Cloud offering into Europe for the first time with the launch of its data warehousing as a service capabilities in Frankfurt, Germany.

Teradata Managed Cloud provides best-in-class data warehousing capabilities on a flat-rate subscription basis. It is a managed, secure, and scalable solution centered on the market-leading Teradata Database that meets customer demands via a quality service provided by expert Teradata professionals. With Teradata Managed Cloud, companies can focus on deriving business value rather than managing analytic infrastructure - while enjoying flexible pricing options that fit within a pre-defined budget.

Secure, Agile Data Warehousing

Teradata Managed Cloud was originally launched in the United States in 2013 and boasts leading brands as it customers from sectors including retail, media/communications, manufacturing, hospitality, energy, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals, to name a few. The success and demand for cloud services has been growing rapidly, both domestically and internationally, as companies worldwide increasingly seek a flexible service offering that delivers the best data warehouse and analytics. Along with purpose-built on-premises systems, a private cloud offering, and public cloud solutions (currently on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and targeted for Microsoft Azure in Q4, 2016), Teradata Managed Cloud rounds out Teradata's Hybrid Cloud strategy enabling businesses to leverage a combination of flexible deployment options and benefit from the full power of Teradata's data warehouse and analytics solutions.

Subscription Model Delivers Flexibility and Peace of Mind

Teradata Managed Cloud in Europe offers businesses a cost-effective cloud-based data warehousing service that takes care of most of the typical burdens of acquiring and maintaining on-premises infrastructure - such as:

  • Lengthy procurement cycles
  • Large upfront capital expenditure
  • Space, power, and cooling in the corporate data center
  • Installation and provisioning
  • Physical and network security
  • Daily backups and system monitoring
  • Ongoing maintenance, patches, and upgrades

With Teradata Managed Cloud, in essence all that is required from customers is to bring their data and a Teradata Database administrator; the Teradata Cloud Operations team takes care of the rest.

"The ability of an organization to derive the maximum value from its data will increasingly depend on it being able to quickly adapt to changing trends and business requirements," said Dan Vesset, GVP, Analytics and Information Management, IDC. "Selecting the right Cloud platform to meet business demands will be vital to delivering the business outcomes that will ultimately lead to organizational growth and success."

Compliant with Strict European Privacy Laws

With the invalidation of Safe Harbor by the European Court of Justice, the EU Data Protection Regulation changes, and even some corporate-level requirements, the leverage of cloud-based solutions requires some consideration with regard to where each kind of data can reside. European organizations now clearly understand and appreciate the value of cloud-based solutions, having long waited for a service that allows them to get the most value out of their data whilst complying with the stringent European data protection laws and regulations. Teradata Managed Cloud in Europe delivers on this need.

Teradata research shows that while many global organisations are satisfied with consuming cloud-based services from the United States, a clear majority of European businesses prefer a cloud presence in Europe. Common business justifications for this demand often include, for example, data protection regulations and high-speed connectivity, to name a few. With Teradata Managed Cloud in Europe served centrally from Frankfurt, Germany, regional customers can enjoy both performance and peace of mind.

"The launch of Teradata Managed Cloud in Germany not only enables Teradata to offer a service delivered from one of the strictest countries in Europe in terms of data protection laws, but also ensures excellent connectivity performance to companies in the region," commented Oliver Ratzesberger, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer at Teradata. "We can now offer customers greater agility, flexibility, workload portability, and deployment choice to complement and extend their on-premises ecosystems.

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