Focused MDM Capabilities to Realize Maximum Value from Teradata Analytics Platform

Approximately 40% of the data structures in an average data warehouse or analytical platform are comprised of reference data. Business empowerment is the key to delivering the required agility in this space—that's why Teradata offers core value propositions related to Master Data Management.

Core Values Related to Master Data Management

Reference data management

Reference Data Manager (RDM) gives you a self-service solution to increase analytic accuracy and improve your data governance regime.

Hierarchy management

The multi-dimensional Hierarchy Manager lets you visually explore, maintain, version, compare, and conduct hierarchy mass maintenance.

customer data integration

Customer Data Integration (CDI) capabilities help clean, arrange, load, track, and synchronize customer data to form a 360-degree customer view.

Teradata Master Data Management — Single Platform, Single Application

See how Teradata MDM, RDM, Hierarchy Management, and CDI deliver traceability, visibility, and lineage of granular source system data.

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