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Covers features and functionality of Vantage Release 1.1 and the Advanced SQL Engine through release 16.20.

This exam establishes that the candidate has the knowledge and skills necessary to use specified Vantage functions, effectively contextualize data, create and communicate compelling and actionable insights from data, apply analytics or visualization techniques for the investigation of all relevant data, apply and interpret machine learning, choose the appropriate function parameters so the output matches the situation (optimized), apply statistical concepts and methodologies, and select the appropriate machine learning methods and algorithms interpreting the model performance/accuracy to derive insights for decision-making. FAQs related to this exam and certification can be found here.

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To register for the Vantage Data Science Exam, visit and select exam TDVAN3 Vantage Data Science Exam. Candidates are able to register and take the Data Science Exam either in a Pearson Vue test center or remotely, at their home or office. FAQs and additional information on this option are available. There are no prerequisites to take this exam.

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recertification requirements

The Vantage Data Science certification does not expire.


Successful completion of this exam will earn you a Vantage Data Science certification with a digital badge.


There are no prerequisites for the Data Science Exam.


2 hours.

recommended experience

The audience for this exam is data scientists, advanced analytic consultants, researcher/research fellows, and data engineers. We would expect the successful candidate to have 2-3 years of experience in one of these job roles and have education or equivalent in statistics and a basic understanding of SQL as well as an understanding of data science concepts including terminology, workflow, lifecycle, methodological approach and how to evaluate the output of the machine learning engine.


The cost of the Teradata Data Science exam is $299. Please visit for details. Bulk discount vouchers for 10 or more exams can be purchased through Pearson VUE.

For more details regarding specific exam objectives, download this PDF. This document now LINKS directly to the free web-based training course that supports each objective as well as to the full curriculum above.

data management and governance - 15%

  • Focuses on ETL and understanding data including cleaning, inputting, preprocessing and sampling of numeric and text data.

statistical techniques - 20%

  • Focuses on the concepts and applications of multivariate techniques, along with distributions, data visualization and model diagnostics.

data analytics methods and algorithms - 36%

  • Focuses on natural language processing, machine learning, and time series analysis as well as the analysis of geospatial data types.

validation and evaluation - 16%

  • Focuses on validation and interpretation of results, error types, cross-validation and related business value.

productionalization - 13%

  • Focuses on scoring, model management, dockerization, Query Grid and scalability of data science solutions.

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The NEW FREE web-based Data Science Training available HERE!

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Available through Teradata Developers Exchange to help you prepare with hands on application.

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Visit the Teradata internal Teradata Certification SharePoint site for more information on recommended Teradata training. You must be logged in to the Teradata network.

sample questions

The Teradata Certification team has created sample questions to help you prepare for the exam. Access the Data Science Sample Questions here.

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